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A-BAND is a TWO GENERATIONS Rock 'n' Roll band consisting of both professional and semiprofessional musicians. First and foremost they play for fun and because they like playing together. They love Soul and Rock 'n' Roll.
A-BAND has through a period of 10 years given rock classics (as Tutti Frutti, C.C. Rider, Jail House Rock, and soul songs like Midnight Hour, Sweet nothing, Leave Your Hat On etc.) a touch of them-selves as goes for arrangement and sound. One of the remarkable things about the band is the rock ‘n roll voice of the lead-singer and - on top of it all - the great choir including the rest of the band.

A-BAND has - in addition to playing on port feasts and festivals to great success as well as to plenty of private events - in Denmark, played concerts for the opening of the "International Sailing Week" and "International Beer festival" in the Olympic city Qingdao in China 2009. They also played at a great concert in Malaga, Spain, as well as at a festival in Gambia.
Their CD was partially recorded in Nashville during a concert-tour in the United States.

In addition, the band in 2008 at the combined sails-and concert tour in the Caribbean, where they, played in Grenada, the Netherlands Antilles, as well as Bonair (on Little Havana).

In the summer of 2010 they went on a trip to the Greek archipelago, where A-BAND created great joy with concerts on Kea, Mykonos, Syros and Naxos.
In the spring of 2011 they were on a  trip to Cuba, where A-BAND created great joy with 2 concerts in Habana and also had concerts in Trinidad and Cienfuegos.

The new TWO GENERATIONS A-BAND have just recorded four new tunes.